Amnesia Weed
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Amnesia Weed

1 gram of weed
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Despite the strong and powerful smoke, which lingers in the air longer when smoked, the Amnesia weed is not scratchy and can be inhaled gently. The high sets in almost immediately, which can make you very thoughtful. In a positive setting, the high develops into a state of euphoria. Despite the strong cerebral properties of the strain, the indica content provides a pleasant relaxation. A good mixture of mental and physical effects that motivate you to do things and be relaxed without sinking into the sofa. Physical activities such as sex are also possible with Amnesia Haze. Contrary to the name Amnesia, the strain doesn't actually make you forget so much as it leads to deeper and more intense thoughts. People who are prone to anxiety can easily become paranoid through consumption. Beginners should therefore be careful with the first dosage and rather feel their way towards the effect.

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