Zero Zero Hashisch
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Zero Zero Hashisch

1 gram hashish
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Zero Zero is pure hashish made from the resin gland head powder of the fine and carefully performed first sieving. Its potency is high, intensely stimulating to psychedelic, not too long lasting without being too tiring. "Zero Zero" is often only lightly pressed, but still compact, opens well, deliciously aromatic, a genuine natural product. It burns away relatively quickly. "Zero Zero" has gained a good reputation in stoner circles. The name comes from the fineness of the silk cloth sieve used, which is stretched over a bowl and through which the fine resin gland head powder has to trickle with only a slight shake. The golden-brown unpressed "Zero Zero" powder can also be smoked well unpressed, but is very rare on the market due to its volume and the difficulty of smuggling it. Incidentally, the unpressed glandular heads often preserve the active ingredients and aromas better than the hashish pressed from them. This is why many producers store hashish powder and only press it into the desired form for shipping. This also offers the option of blending or stretching to suit the customer.

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